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About Me

Polyglot Programmer, Web Developer - "Jack of all trades, master of some"!

Since 2002, I have been working at the Clinical Trial Service Unit, part of the Nuffield Department of Public Health at the University of Oxford. My role as an Analyst/Programmer has exposed me to a broad range of technologies - while the bulk of my work has been in C++, I have also used PHP, Java, Python, HTML5 and CSS.

Here is a selection of my work - find my full CV here.


HTML, CSS/SASS, Bootstrap, GIMP, Inkscape


C++, Python, JavaScript, PHP, Java


Linux, Apache, Heroku


Git, Yeoman, vi/vim, Sublime Text, Gulp, SSH and VS Code

Featured Projects

SMS System
C++, Linux, Ingres/SQL

The SMS System was one of my first projects at CTSU. Created to send SMS text messages for patient appointment reminders, it is available to any team within the NDPH, subject to approval. To date, it has sent over 2 million messages, mainly for the UK Biobank project, and HPS2/THRIVE. It was written in C originally, now C++, and uses an Ingres database.

Retrieval Assistant
Storeman: Retrieval Assistant
C++, RAD Studio, Ingres/SQL

The Retrieval Assistant is a part of the Storeman application to support laboratory processes connected to the LIMS system in the Wolfson Laboratories at the Clinical Trial Service Unit, part of the Nuffield Department of Public Health at the University of Oxford

Cognitive Tests
JavaScript, jQuery, Node/Yeoman/Gulp, CSS/SASS, Bootstrap, Responsive Web Design

I have created a number of online cognitive tests, originally for the UK Biobank project, but which will now be licensed to research groups across the world. Designed by a psychologist with the aim of measuring problem-solving skills and reaction times to try to correlate with various factors including mental illness, they are designed to work on any web-enabled device and use responsive design techniques. They capture split-second timing data which is delivered back to the server as a JSON payload.

Retrieval Assistant
Python/Django, Project Management

Teachplus by Education Information Solutions is an app to help teachers monitor their pupil's progress with the curriculum. I started this project in Django, resourced contractors to continue the project, and have been managing the project since. We hope to go to MVP soon.

PHP, Python, Perl, Bash, Ingres/SQL

A web application to provide information for researchers of the Early Breast Cancer Trialists' Collaborative Group (EBCTCG) about Steering Files associated with the meta-analysis of breast cancer trials. This was a proof-of-concept application that I made in my spare time, which then became a vital tool for the professors investigating meta-analyses.

The DS1000
The DS1000
C/C++, Embedded C, Radio and telecomms

I worked on software maintentance of the market-leading Integrated Communication and Control System (ICCS) by Securicor Information Systems, the DS1000, for two years. The system is used by the majority of Emergency Services in the UK, including Met Police, Greater Manchester Police, West Midlands, Strathclyde, Avon and Somerset, and many other large services. When I started, there was a huge backlog of bugs to fix and I and two other colleagues were on permanent overtime for many months in order to clear it. After several months, we had cleared the backlog to a manageable size and I was then solely responsible for software maintenance. Our customers and our radio engineers were certainly a lot happier then!

Many more to come (this site is under construction)...